What if we...

What if we... is a invitation!
An invitation to connect deeper, to play more, to just be.
✨ Caro Turlings is the Multi-faceted Sparkle behind this brand ✨

What if we... work together

You can hire me for:
✨ Events & gatherings: host, facilitator, stage-manager, concept creator, experience designer ✨
🎨 Graphic design, art direction, packaging design 🎨

What if we... play

Known for:
+ Sparkle & Dance Parties đŸĒŠâœ¨
+ Sundays are for Dancing Parties đŸĒŠâœ¨
+ IIWII Nightclub đŸĒŠâœ¨
+ EetLust - Stories around Food 🍴
+ The Big Building, Groningen đŸĸ
+ Caro Grafisch Ontwerp ✏ī¸đŸŽ¨
+ Dance Floor Sparkle at House & Techno parties ✨💃đŸģ
+ Creator @ Alter à Go Performances ✏ī¸đŸŽ¨

What if we... connect

Caro Turlings portrait image, smiling with orange background
What if we... connect, play, wonder (logo)

Food Story Roodkapje / Little Red Riding Hood

RoodKapje dinner story EetLust
RoodKapje dinner story EetLust

Alter à Go Performances Masks and objects

Eye mask for performance crew Alter a Go
Eye mask for performance crew Alter a Go

Sundays are for dancing Sparkle & Dance

IIWII nightclub

Nightclub IIWII

IIWII nightclub
IIWII nightclub
IIWII nightclub
A space cat under an umbrella of LED lights with a rainbow